At St. Constantine International, we produce two newsletters – our fortnightly summary of activities, notices and an ongoing programme of events “What’s On”; and the boarders produce their own monthly Nyumbuni Boarding.

All School communications including the newsletters and notices are sent to parents and guardians by email. This is a major tool for reinforcement of major notices, invitations to attend school functions and periodic meetings with teachers to discuss class progress.

For the first time, St. Constantine International is opening up its newsletter to a single advertisement per issue. Buy your space for US$100 for a page, or $60 for half a page (which would be shared to make up one page) and know that all our parent body, Alumni and supporters will see your message. Further, as the newsletters are posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

your message will stretch even further; and then it will remain on the website on the Newsletter section archive for years to come. No other publication can offer that for such as small price.