Scholarship programmes

St. Constantine’s International currently offers limited scholarships to students of Greek descent whose parents are members of The Hellenic Foundation of Tanzania. These scholarships are offered through the Hellenic Foundation, entirely at their discretion.

Additionally, we offer a very small number of merit-based scholarships to students of exceptional academic potential who also demonstrate an outstanding work ethic.

Each year St. Constantine’s International School is proud to be able to grant scholarships to students who show academic, sporting and cultural merit or promise, or to those who might not otherwise have had the opportunity or means to attend our School.

Through the past, current and the future generosity of members of our wider St. Constantine’s International community, we are able to offer a select range of scholarships which cover full or part tuition and/or boarding fees.

Many of our donors were once scholarship recipients themselves. They acknowledge the significance St. Constantine’s International School played in their lives, both personally and professionally.  

Scholarship recipients and their families become an integral part of this important circle of philanthropic giving. In the future, we hope that scholarship students are in a position to give back to the School so that others may continue to receive the same opportunities.

Current scholarship funds

a) A+ Dreams Trust International Foundation

b)  Beacon Scholarships

The Beacon Equity Trust is an educational charity, founded in 2009, whose principal activity is to support the operation of The Beacon Scholarship. It is privately funded and presently operates in the UK and East Africa – for Secondary school candidates from KENYA, UGANDA, TANZANIA, and ZAMBIA to Beacon Partner Schools.

The Beacon Scholarship is a leadership development programme that nurtures ‘change-makers’. They find young people with leadership potential who have financial need; provide them with access to the highest quality education; offer leadership training and ‘high-touch’ mentoring; and create a vertical pathway for transition into leadership positions. The vision is to develop a group of ethical change-makers who have a multiplier effect to generate positive social change.

Up to six new scholarships are available each academic year for Secondary schooling. Candidates are eligible at any age between 13 to 18 year and must first be Nominated by their current School Head. They will then be invited to apply for a Beacon Scholarship for Schools. Finally, they must obtain admission to a Beacon Partner School and be evaluated by The Beacon Equity Trust for evidence of academic ability, leadership potential, being a ‘Change-maker’, and financial need.

St. Constantine’s International is not only a Beacon Partner School but currently has two scholarship students – Faraja Laiser – Year 9 and Collins Mgomella – Year 11. They are mentored by our Head of Secondary, Navdeep Mand and Geography teacher Mrs Lucy Thiong’o, under the Beacon Regional Coordinator Dr Susan Kiragu.