Alumni Association – A Legacy of Success and Achievements

St. Constantine International is proud to have served Tanzania and the world for almost 70 years. Hundreds of our former students serve this country and elsewhere in different capacities in the public and private sectors as doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers, university professors, businesspeople and engineers, to mention but a few. We are proud of their many accomplishments and cherish the heritage of their international and local service. It is through our Alumni’s noble participation among the communities they live in, that St. Constantine International continues to positively impact on our country today.

The Alumni programme of St. Constantine International is intended to:

– Establish an alumni secretariat from among the former students who will actively plan, organise and run alumni activities.
– Establish an accurate database of former students who wish to become life members.
– Organise an annual alumni conference which brings the former students together as a platform for sharing their experience among themselves and the current students as part of the mentoring programme.
– Promote the good name of St. Constantine International at home and abroad.
– To support the activities of St. Constantine International School at both Primary and Secondary levels.
– Provide a regular page within our newsletter that captures and shares the contributions of members in different activities across the world.

We are rejuvenating St. Constantine Alumni Association and would like our former students – no matter what level they left at – to re-connect and relive the memories with those they have not met for years, if not decades.

“We invite you to open the door to your old school again,” says Mr Macfadyen. For now, please contact us by email, Twitter, Instagram, or What’s App so we can contact you and learn what you have been doing since you graduated from St. Constantine International. By joining our email list, you will receive information and invitations to special events and activities coming up either online, or in person in the future.

During the year, it is intended that there be events and opportunities for Alumni to get together socially, as well as to retain their involvement with the school. Watch this space for events to be listed in the future.

To register with the St. Constantine International Alumni Association, please email our Media and Marketing Manager: