Welcome International

Welcome to our International Students!

St. Constantine’s International welcomes students from the furthest corners of the globe. While English is our main language, all students also undertake lessons in Swahili, so they become familiar with the local language.

St. Constantine;s International is a selective, secular, English medium, international school that accepts students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, family composition or socio-economic status. We are deeply proud of our student diversity and welcome students from all over the world. While the school has had an historic connection with the Greek Orthodox church, it has no religious affiliation.

All students who enter St. Constantine’s International will undergo an interview and assessment process, conducted by the Head of Primary or Secondary, as appropriate. A set of interview criteria, appropriate for each year group, is available and should be used to help in determining the entry year group of the student.

During the interview, the prospective student should perform the required tasks in front of the person who is conducting the interview and usually not in the presence of the parent. The student should be able to complete all tasks on the assessment form; otherwise, additional support may be recommended, or the child may be considered for a different year group to the one applied for.

As each country has different education systems, and Tanzania has differing visa requirements depending on country of origin, each international student is assisted personally after acceptance. Your requirements will be discussed at the interview, but to date we have not had any students rejected once they meet all the school’s academic prerequisites.

Further, we have an active EAL department to assist those who do not have English as a first language, and we operate a ‘buddy’ system, where newcomers are assisted by someone who shares their language. See Special Needs students. Our aim is to support and encourage all students, so they can successfully transition through the St. Constantine International School, make well-informed career and tertiary study plans and progress to build and manage successful, fulfilling careers

Our aim is to support and encourage all students, so they can successfully transition through the St. Constantine’s International School, make well-informed career and tertiary study plans and progress to build and manage successful, fulfilling careers.


Boarding is available for international students starting from age four (4) years, with students living on-site so they can make the most of all the School’s facilities and co-curricular activities. Within their House, they make new friends, gain a sense of belonging and are fully supported by the House staff.

Upon taking up residence at the School, the student comes under, the care and jurisdiction of the Head of Boarding. There are several recommendations that parents who reside permanently outside Tanzania should note in their consideration of applying for a place to the School:

  • All School communications (e.g., newsletters, notices) are sent to parents and guardians.
  • If a local guardian/relative is appointed by the parents, they are invited to attend school functions on behalf of parents including periodic meetings with teachers to discuss class progress.

For international students who choose not to board at the School, we do not provide a homestay service as an alternative.  Parents must organise their own accommodation under these circumstances and monitor the homestay to ensure a positive, supportive experience for their child.

Student welfare and Support Networks

One of our strengths is the network of support we have developed for our international students encouraging them to take part in – and benefit from – every aspect of life at St. Constantine’s International.

The House system at St. Constantine’s International means we are uniquely placed to support our international students and help them become involved in School life. From the day they start, each student will become part of a St. Constantine’s House) and will receive support and guidance from their Head of House, staff and Secondary students.

Each student belongs to one of four houses: Athens, Delphi, Olympia or Sparta, creating personal classes smaller than that of most UK schools. See School Life and Pastoral Care

Special Needs and EAL

Having trained in Special Education Needs and with a masters in the field, our SEN teacher has had a long-standing interest in working with young people with additional needs. This includes gifted and talented children (MAT – Most Able and Talented), EAL (English as an Additional Language), and students with different learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia,  dyscalculia, and fragile leaners. See Students with Special Needs

Pocket money

Appropriate banking arrangements should be made so that students (with their guardians) have access to their own bank accounts via EFTPOS. The School strongly discourages the students from keeping large sums of cash.

Travelling and Leave

Parents or Guardians are responsible for accommodation arrangements at mid-term, during Public Holiday weekends and Saturday overnight leave, where approved by the Housemaster. Students are expected to return home for calendared school holidays. 

This could change during the current pandemic and parents will be advised if any adjustments are necessary. The current status is:  We strongly suggest students do not travel out of the country at half term.  If you leave the country and do not isolate away from your child on return, they should also stay off school at least one week. (We will send work home).

Legal requirements for International Students

The conditions of entry into Tanzania, the length of stay and the purpose of that stay, must be clearly understood by the applicant’s parents and all documentation is wholly the responsibility of the applicant’s parents.

While full assistance is given by the school, St. Constantine’s International School requires evidence that the conditions of entry into Tanzania have been met.

International Student Visas

To apply for a Student Visa, a letter of offer from the school is required. The prospective student’s family will need to produce evidence of having sufficient funds to pay entry and tuition/boarding fees for the institution of their choice.

The Immigration Service also requires written guarantees of accommodation (in the case of St. Constantine International School, a boarding place) and evidence of medical and travel insurance.

Guardian Family Requirements for St. Constantine’s International School

Parents of overseas students may make private arrangements with a guardian, but our administration department must be advised of:

  • All contact details
  • Level of contact required
  • Level of responsibility i.e. if a student requires advanced medical attention, is the Guardian authorised to grant permission
  • Responsibilities in regard to fees and expenses for the student

The guardian, or relation, is expected to take an active interest in the life of the student, to make leave and accommodation arrangements on mid-term and public holiday weekend breaks if a student is required to travel, to be able to assist with any emergency arrangements and to assist with transport to and from the airport when required.

Medical Insurance

The School has a Medical Centre which is staffed 24 hours per day. However, those students on a Student Visa must carry medical and travel insurance to cover their time at the School including travel to and from home. While St. Constantine’s International can assist in arranging medical insurance for overseas students, should you choose an alternative company, details of insurance policies must be lodged with the Head of Administration and copied to the Head of Boarding.

Fees for International Students


International Students Admission process

The Admission process for international students is the same as that for Tanzanian residents. However, we strongly recommend a visit and tour of the school first, and we can make arrangements for the entrance tests to be carried out on the same day to speed up the entrance and admissions process. See ADMISSIONS