School shield & motto

The school’s shield depicts a Greek fisherman’s boat. Good fishing, like good education, requires persistence, courage, patience, self-reliance and wisdom.
The original sailor portrays Odysseus on his 10-year journey through a myriad of challenges, but he had the protection of Athena to make sure he reached the end safely. The temptations and challenges a student faces are like those of Odysseus, but with his/her perseverance, and the protection and good guidance of the School, the end goal will be reached.
The message of our Greek forefathers is: “Everything measured correctly in one’s life will lead to excellence – the difference between scarcity and exaggeration, hate and love, no justice and excessive justice – somewhere in the middle one will find wisdom.”
The school motto is:
ΠΑΝ ΜΕΤΡΟΝ ΆΡΙΣΤΟΝ – Pan Metron Aristron
Everything in Moderation