After school clubs and co-curricular activites

St. Constantine’s International School not only offers opportunities for students to achieve good academic results, but we also actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum to students.

Participation in co-curricular activities helps promote the St. Constantine’s International School values and helps students prepare to succeed in the many and varied roles they will undertake in the future.

Benefits include:

  • a broad base of knowledge
  • a desire to learn and understand
  • a sense of one’s place in the global village
  • an experience of other cultures/opinions/religions
  • a desire to contribute, be an active citizen
  • an awareness of inherent responsibilities
  • an opportunity to be challenged
  • a strong individual and communal identification
  • an ability to effect change
  • a respect for others

Students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities on offer, however, it is important that they choose the activities they will get involved in carefully so that they don’t end up over committing themselves.

They should keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Academic work is the major priority – students need to be organised so that activities have minimal impact on their academic work
  • They should try and keep a balanced portfolio of activities rather than specialising too early
  • Not to over-commit by doing too many activities
  • Stretch themselves by trying something they would not normally do.

The artistic development of our students is supported beyond the classroom by a comprehensive co-curricular program, opportunities for both individual and group sessions in art-related electives and an exciting variety of performance opportunities including annual concerts, drama and musical productions and exhibitions. As a department, we strive to create a conducive environment where ambitious and enthusiastic students can lay a foundation for becoming well-rounded global leaders.

The Primary School has various Music clubs that include Singing Club, Traditional Drumming Club, Recorder Group and Dancing Club. Students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities on offer in these cultural, sporting and outdoor education activities.

Primary school clubs include:
  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Roller skating 

Various sports depending on the season – hockey, cricket, athletics, football, touch rugby, netball, X country.

Secondary school clubs include:
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  •  and a variety of sports depending on the season – athletics, football, touch rugby, netball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee 

The music co-curricular programme provides an opportunity for all students to express their creativity through their musical talents which are enriched by regular concerts and classroom performances. The Secondary School Choir has students singing all sorts of genres from classical to classical contemporary and African fusions, while the Secondary School Band is a welcome performer at all school events. Students with different talents get to share them in singing, dancing and playing different instruments together. They perform all songs from old to the most recent pop songs and perform on many occasions at events around Arusha.


Our elective program is built around the Round Square IDEALS. We offer over 40 different electives that aim to enrich our student’s educational experience.

Through their elective activities, we hope to instill an appreciation for service, skills and an attitude of a global citizen, and tools that will empower them to be future leaders who are eager to make their mark on the world. 

Conferences, International exchanges, GAP students and visitors

Round Square provides many interesting opportunities for students to gain experiences outside of the country, whether attending conferences, taking part in exchanges with other schools, or spending time in a foreign country after graduating on a GAP (graduate assistant) programme. 

As a Round Square school we welcome international cooperation that takes different forms.   Our students travel the world attending age appropriate conferences on a host of topics relevant to RS.  In the recent past our students have been to: Switzerland, South Africa, Kenya, India and Namibia.

Students can also visit another country on a student exchange that can last from one month to a full term. We actively participate in exchange programmes with schools in: UK , SA, USA, Australia.

Our teachers also participate in exchange programmes – one of our best partnerships has been with Buckingham, Brown and Nichols school in Boston, USA where the art teachers have worked together, with students, on a joint project.  See Events and Excursions

We also host GAP students here, most recently from South America and United States of America, exposing our own students to different cultures in their everyday school life. RS gap students work for up to a year with us, often in a sporting context, languages or creative arts.

We currently have vacancies for up to three GAP students (all subjects considered but especially welcome are sport, drama, music) to help out in either our Primary or Secondary school, or our Media and Marketing department here in our beautiful part of the world.

Ideally the role would be for the full academic year, (Mid August 2021 to June 2022) although we consider applicants for shorter placements at our lovely campus. Letters of application, or queries regarding a GAP role are directed to the school through the Round Square Representative by email: rsrep@scis.sc.tz

We are also interested in bringing new experiences to our students through our Visitors, two of our most recent being authors.

Dan Brockington

Our Middle School was asked to critique his manuscript The Grymcat Conspiracy in 2020, this book being the first directed at middle grade children. They enthusiastically took up the task, producing comments both positive and negative, which Mr Brockington took on board and used in the final version currently waiting for illustration and publication.

When Mr Brockington came to Arusha with his family, he also visited St. Constantine International to meet his editorial reviewers and give the school a range of books for the library to say thank you.

Richard Mabala

In March 2021 we received a visit from the famed Tanzanian author Richard Mabala, who wrote such classics as “Mabala the Farmer” and “Hawa the Bus Driver”. Mr Mabala’s books have been studied as part of the Government NECTA curriculum for over thirty years and our Primary and Secondary students were incredibly excited to meet such a famous author, though not as excited as many of our teachers, who actually studied Mr Mabala’s books when they were students themselves!

Timur Gareyev

We also hosted the American Chess GrandMaster – Timur Gareyev – who came to mentor our enthusiasts.

Other visitors have come to us through cyberspace in online conferences and presentations, including the Managing Editor of The Citizen newspaper, Mr Mpoki Thomson, who spoke to Secondary students at their TNN media elective.

Peripatetic Lessons

A number of lessons are available through both our peripatetic programme and electives, including a range of musical instruments – drums, strings (including guitar), woodwind, piano and voice. Your child can take music lessons during the school day, so you don’t have to schedule an extra trip to a music teacher after school.

Additionally, students can learn martial arts such as TaeKwon Do, have additional swimming coaching from an Olympic coach, enjoy a range of dance classes and other activities. Parents are notified annually of lessons available and associated costs.