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Our Board and governance

The Board articulates the vision of St. Constantine’s International, consulting all stakeholders from students to teachers, parents to Alumni. Through the Strategic and Operating plans, it takes overall fiscal responsibility, while overseeing the communication of the school’s brand.

Through the Round Square association, it requires students to contribute through both internal and co-curricular activities, while still placing major emphasis on its excellent Cambridge curriculum academic results, experience and life skills.

Its excellence in teaching is reinforced through continuous learning and professional development of our staff, while also ensuring a safe environment for all who enter our grounds.

Chairman of the Board

TBA – Currently vacant

Members of the Board

Michalis Mavrokefalos (Chair of the Hellenic Foundation Trust)
Dimitri Mantheakis
Greg Emmanuel
Yasir Patel (Headteacher)

Parents, iSAMS and Parent Communication

Parents play a crucial role in the school and are therefore kept regularly up to date with their child’s progress in all aspects of their education from their academic subjects to peripatetic classes, sports and culture, and overall personal development.

iSAMS – our Internet-Based Schools Administration Management System – is a browser-based management information and administration system for schools, academies and trusts. It handles admissions, billing, news, timetables, exams, pupil profiles, registration and HR.

Parents can access iSAMS on the Parent Portal. It is the parents’ doorway into school life, giving them a much clearer and more detailed picture than many will get from their children.

Parents can access their children’s timetables and teaching groups, attendance and registration, disciplinary details, exams, activity groups and school reports, plus all the latest school news. The parent portal ensures that all parents and guardians are constantly updated. It creates excellent communication, provides extensive information and gives them constant peace of mind.

The parent portal can be accessed through https://scis.parents.isams.cloud/api/homepage/

The iSAMS Manager is Daudi Mgaya: daudimgaya@scis.sc.tz

In Years 10 – 13, students receive academic monthly reports. These are designed to give students and parents as clear an idea as possible of the progress being made during these important years.

Students in Years 5 – 9 receive formal reports three times a year, at the end of each term, and students in Nursery to Year 4 receive reports biannually.

There are two Parent-Teacher Consultation Days during the year, when parents are able to discuss work and progress with the Tutor and other members of staff. These take place on the last day of Term 1 and Term 2. There are also Curriculum Evenings prior to Year 10 and Year 12 to help parents ensure their children gain the most from these years.

As a parent, you are encouraged to become involved in school activities and take part in events throughout the school year as and when you are free to do so. See Parents Association

St. Constantine’s International is eager to have parents involved in such activities as: sports coaching, reading to younger children, supervising electives, as chaperones for school trips, assisting in the uniform shop

as well as involvement with: events, cultural days, alumni database and events, advertising, fundraising, sponsorships.

Parents Association

As well as helping to knit the school community together, the Parents’ Association plays an important role in raising funds for special school projects and organising special PTA events.

Additionally, if you have a general concern to be conveyed to leadership, they can be contacted below, or by email to pascis@scis.sc.tz

They have also established a Parents’ WhatsApp group to share announcements.
If you would like to be added to that WhatsApp group, please contact one of the leaders below.

ChairFrancisca Mushi07 6834 7355fkmushi@yahoo.com
Vice ChairLilian Badi-Manara*07 8727 2398Lilianbadi@yahoo.co.uk
TreasurerDorcas Mgoyo07 8763 1555Mgoyodorcas@yahoo.com
SecretaryShedrach Mofulu*07 8754 3300shedrack@mofuluadvocates.co.tz
Vice-SecretaryJoyce Kinyange*07 1512 3111kinyangejoyce@gmail.com
Primary Representatives
Esther Fultang07 4707 4972efultang@gmail.com
Stephano Migire*06 5851 1416migire@gmail.com
Peretz Amir07 8668 3888ohalaniyehudah@gmail.com
Shedrach Mofulu*07 8754 3300shedrack@mofuluadvocates.co.tz
Joyce Kinyange*07 1512 3111kinyangejoyce@gmail.com
Secondary Representatives
Josée Capo-chichi*+229 6743 6383osalcap@yahoo.fr
Emmanuel Macha07 1517 1919emmanuelmacha@hotmail.com
Gertrude Kimaro07 5427 2200samudagala@gmail.com
Douglas Tholo (1 year)07 8356 7901
Town Campus Representatives
Abiha Sajan*06 8440 7172abiha.kasmani@gmail.com
Michael Shotii07 8632 9532mshotii@rareafricatravel.com
Albina Anthony07 6487 9759albinaanthony94@gmail.com
*Of the new elected members, 6 out of 15 have served with PASCIS before

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