Teachers / staff


St. Constantine’s International School has international staff bringing expertise from far and wide having taught globally: UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, and East Africa.

Many of our teachers have taught in other Round Square and Cambridge International schools. Their professional development supports Cambridge teachers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. They offer training, events, and teaching and learning resources to help teachers develop successful learners and improve their professional practice.

See below our Primary and Secondary Teachers staff lists, as well as Support staff for other departments you might need to contact during your child’s time at St. Constantine’s International.


From time to time, the school employs interns – a student or trainee working to gain experience, or to satisfy requirements for a final qualification. These positions may be paid, or unpaid, and are temporary, although internships can sometimes lead to full-time job offers.

Internships are offered globally, as well as locally and are used to determine if the intern still has an interest in that field after real-life experience. In addition, an internship can be used to create a professional network that can assist with references, or lead to future employment opportunities.

Ideally, interns spend their time working on relevant projects, learning and developing both hard and soft skills in the field of education.

Support Staff

Medical Care

We have a medical centre at St. Constantine’s International that is staffed by a full-time nurse. The nurse is available to attend to all first aid incidences on campus from students who are not feeling well, to teachers and support staff accidents etc.

She will recommend if the student should receive more detailed care from our School Doctor, who is on call, should the need arise. In addition, for our day students, our nurse will liaise with the student’s own GP should this be necessary.

Students may visit the nurse at any time. We have our own medical room, isolation beds on site and work with the best clinics and hospitals in Arusha for anything serious. The nurse monitors students who feel unwell and she liaises closely with parents in the event of any illness. All medical attention is carried out in consultation with parents, and school always has driver and car on stand-by.


Our school is staffed by two qualified lifeguards and students may swim when the lifeguards are present. The pool area is locked at all times when the lifeguards are not present. The lifeguards are in attendance during all swimming classes and are on hand in the event of any emergency. Additionally, there are regular opportunities for students to swim before and after school, as well as at weekends.

IT – Information Technology

We have a full IT department responsible for providing technical support to staff through maintenance and computer-related initiatives to meet the needs of everyone from teachers to students, support staff to the parent body. See Parents Association

The IT support team functions as enablers of effective teaching and learning using ICT at all times. Support is there to help make sure systems and devices work for teachers, students and parents, with safety being a top priority. The IT team looks after the network in general and manages any technological changes including planning, coordinating and implementing computer-related projects in St. Constantine International to fulfil IT needs and requirements.

IT staff are also available on the weekend to help boarders with the computers and assist them in their desire to keep in touch with home.  The IT support team is led by Mr. Abraham Kasango, IT Manager – IT@scis.sc.tz


Accounting for all school fees, regulatory compliance and maintaining sound internal systems essential to run the school, fall under the mantel of the administration department. The maintenance and management of all facilities from the well-kept environment, property and buildings through to the general support of all teaching staff as required, is their responsibility, to ensure an efficient atmosphere for student education.

Through the administration offices, appropriate staff control purchases of teaching and office supplies, the hiring out of our meeting areas and sports fields, reception, accounts and all non-academic operations of the school.

Director of Administration: Ms Victoria Thomas – admindirector@scis.sc.tz

Media and Marketing

Our Media and Marketing Department takes care of external and internal visibility, looking to not only promote the school through print and social media, but to communicate the many things that happen in a school day. Parents, teachers and students alike, get to see what other classes and class levels are doing and this stimulates their interest in advancing to enjoy these activities too.

We produce a fortnightly newsletter, organise events and exhibitions, liaise with alumni and corporate entities who wish to sponsor students through our A+ Dreams Trust International Foundation – and keep track of parent satisfaction through surveys and focus groups. See Sponsorships and Fundraising

Our website is our face to the wider global audience and a recent up-grade means we are able to provide the most current information for all parties, along with showing the premier facilities of our two campuses.