Mfumukeko Libérat
Parent and Secretary General of the East African Community from March 2 2016 – March 2 2021 – Burundi

“…… my term as EAC Secretary General has ended and we are preparing to move out of Arusha in July 2021.

Let me take this opportunity to commend your successful efforts to provide a quality education to your students. Nelson and Camilia who came to Arusha 6 years ago, without knowing one word of English, were assisted by your teachers in a very admirable manner and have very much loved being at your school. They are already telling us that what they will miss the most about Arusha are their school and classmates.” 

Rebecca Mosely
Parent and former Chair of the Parents Association – USA

When we first moved to Tanzania, we were apprehensive about our children joining a completely different school system, especially since our older son had really struggled in his first year of Secondary school back home. But we found ourselves quite reassured by the kindness and accessibility of his form tutor. This teacher has remained a constant pastoral presence in his life, and over the past four years, our son has truly grown as a student and learned to thrive academically.

The Cambridge system really works well with his learning style, and he enjoys a classroom climate where questions are always welcome. He has been inspired by great teachers in courses as diverse as history and chemistry, but he also loves blowing off steam during the elective times, joking around while playing volleyball or ultimate frisbee with school mates.

More than anything, our older son values the friendships he has made in his year group, and he appreciates the culture of acceptance and welcome, feeling that you can be whoever you are and still be accepted.

Our younger son also had teachers in Primary school who took an interest in him and in his particular needs for growth. He is still young and continues to grow into his own academically. But meanwhile, he has other areas where he has opportunity to shine. As a musical child, he has really benefitted from the support of a great music teacher and from the peripatetic music program, where he has been coached in piano and now voice. Imagine! your child can take music lessons during the school day, so you don’t have to schedule an extra trip to a music teacher after school!

In this first year of Secondary, he has become involved in drama for the first time, and he has loved being able to train as part of the school swim club and compete in swim galas.

As a parent, I have also appreciated the ways that the school staff has been receptive to my questions and feedback.

Henri van der Land
Parent – Holland

“We are very grateful for all the years Remi has been attending SCIS and the special attention he received from the school management and teachers, especially the wonderful Mrs Macfadyen, during the last year while our family had a very challenging time. 

Academically, he has progressed greatly and thanks to his excellent education at SCIS, he is now ready to enter college in The Netherlands. Remi will miss the warm atmosphere of SCIS, the outdoor activities, the band and even more his friends and teachers. “ 

Kireri Kilonzo
Parent – Tanzania

“With tears in my eyes, I sadly want to inform you that, I am resigning Kelson and Kelton (currently Year 6 & 4 respectively) for their next academic year. These Children have been registered in your school since their nursery levels. 

I appreciate the best services you have been giving my children since day one in your School. St. Constantine’s is the best International school in the East Africa region, and I wish you all the best.”

Leena Joshua
Parent and Teacher – India

“For me as a parent it was a dream come true when I visited St. Constantine’s for my daughter’s admission. The curriculum was well balanced with academic and extra curricular activities, which brought the best out of my daughter, and the scenic and clean campus was another add-on to the students’ lives.”

“Being a teacher for close to a decade – since joining the school as an upper primary teacher for Year 5 &6 – St. Constantine’s International has given me ample opportunity to learn the world standard of imparting knowledge both in studies and in grooming the personalities of young minds into world-class citizens. The inclusive management style of the school, practised by the heads of department and the management, made me more passionate about my duty towards the students as a teacher. Thank you!”


Frances Peacock
Deputy Head of Primary – Scotland

I am very happy to have been working at St. Constantine’s International for 5 years now. My initial impression having my school tour on my first day was of the spacious and attractive campus and environment. As students and teachers returned to school, I realised how international and diverse the school was, with both students and teachers from across the globe and an international community spirit. But over the years, the students have been the highlight of working at St. Constantine’s International, with their positive attitude and good behaviour. Whether it is learning in an English or maths lesson, playing on the adventure playground, taking part in the Round Square IDEALS or putting on their annual performance, the students bring a cheerful smile and energy to all they do.

Jane Marandu
Primary Round Square Coordinator – Australia

Working at St. Constantine’s International has been a wonderful experience for myself and my family. The opportunity to live in Arusha with the best climate in the world (in my opinion) on such a wonderful, wide open and all year round “green” campus has been a dream for my twin boys growing up, being able to explore every inch of the school site. They have a freedom that I knew as a child, and the experiences they have shared with me on campus have been ones they will never forget.

Round Square is an integral part of what we are at St. Constantine’s International and as the Primary Round Square Coordinator I have been able to introduce a number of key projects in the school and the community that all students can be proud to be a part of. Asking students to BE Round Square through all their learning experiences encourages them to explore their world as engaging learners and to gain a broader understanding of the attributes we want our students to gain through our programme. Leading a group of young students to visit the UK to attend a Round Square Conference was a particular highlight, watching their eyes see a world outside of Africa for the first time and how they interpreted what they saw was invaluable experiential learning. I encourage all students to engage with the Round Square programmes on offer at all levels of the school.


Shaheen Gulam Fazal
Year 12 – Tanzania

I am a Year 12 student at St. Constantine’s International School. I enjoy playing football as well as netball. Not only have I learned how to be a good team player, but the school has also helped me have an understanding on how to apply both my skills and abilities and those of my teammates to the greatest effect.

I have learned tenacity, determination, motivation and problem solving – all in evidence today – as is the ability to spot opportunities and take calculated risks. Pushing myself beyond my limits and discovering my true potential is one of the abilities that sports at St. Constantine’s International has given me, so tenacity, therefore, is the most important.

Hannah Joshua
Graduate 2020 – India

I’ve been a student at SCIS for eight years. I’ve watched the school grow into the wonderful campus it is now.
The first thing that will catch the eye of any visitor is the pleasant environment of SCIS.
Moreover, our teachers are very intellectual and qualified when it comes to teaching and in-person very compassionate and down to earth. 

One of the great things about SCIS is an equal balance between academics and extracurricular activities. This shows that they care about our academics as well as our physical and mental health. Kudos to our teachers and our headmaster! 

I think SCIS follows all the IDEALS of Round Square and is on a mission to create exceptional leaders.”

Pardeep Dhariwal
Year 13 – India

Being in St. Constantine’s International School for 13 years and nearing my completion, you would probably say that in those years I have seen all there is to our school. However, you would be quite wrong. Nearly every year I have experienced new and thrilling tasks and opportunities. Every year the school offers us more than one person can manage.

I was able to take part in many of the clubs including Student Council, TNN – our school’s very own news channel run by the students for the students, Prefects Council and the Round Square committee. I have also taken keen interest in sports, such as our football, Frisbee and rounder’s teams.

Other than all of this I have taken part in programmes that run after school hours such as the World Scholar’s Cup and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. As well as all of this, our school is a Round Square school which is part of a network of over 200 schools in over 50 countries! This allows schools to conduct conferences and allow student exchange programs all to make better connections and wonderful experiences for us students.

Being a part of our school, I have come to a realisation that the opportunities that are given to us are to build character and help make better decisions for ourselves and for others. Things such as those mentioned above, helped me become a better leader in our community.

I expressed a passion for photography which the school has helped me to develop over the years. Now I take pictures for the Yearbook, as well as for TNN. I know my experiences differ from others but the beauty of it all, is that all our different experiences lead us to the same goal, of understanding ourselves better. School is a big part of being what you want to be in the future and what you want to do. St. Constantine’s International helps create better individuals for society. I am proud to say that I am a St. Constantine’s student and that I am going to finish my education in such a place.

Layan Dakik
Year 12 – Lebanon

I have been attending St. Constantine’s International School since nursery. In my final year before graduating, I am proud to say that St. Constantine’s International has been my home since the age of two. 

Our school is very diverse and this is probably one of the things I love about it the most. I am constantly surrounded with students from different backgrounds, which allows me to learn new things every day. It is a safe school and I have never experienced any sort of racism or hate because of my religion. 

St. Constantine’s International allows me to participate in everything I am passionate about. I am a member of both the Prefects and Student Councils as well as Sports captain for my netball team. I have been part of the football, cross country and swimming teams, as well as the art clubs. 

In addition, I sing as part of the school band, I have attended conferences in Kenya as part of the MUN elective and finally, I have been a photographer for TNN. This is due to the variety of clubs and options that are offered at St. Constantine’s International.

My teachers have had such a positive influence on me through my life. I can think of several who I have looked up to because of their caring and inspiring characters. I am glad to say I started – and will be finishing – my school education at St. Constantine’s International School.

Zainab Ayub Suleman
Year 13 – Tanzania

Being in St. Constantine’s International since lower Primary, I’ve become a person who motivates myself to bring positive changes to our world. The opportunities I’ve been given at St. Constantine’s International have taught me skills that allow me to take challenges and pass the positive messages and lessons to everyone around me.

As a Round Square School, the activities that I’ve been part of have instilled the 12 discoveries and the IDEALS in me and afforded me better insight about our society. The diversity of our St. Constantine’s International community encouraged me to interact with different students and the most amazing teachers, who have taught me important lessons and skills. These have led me into the leadership positions that I’m currently in, while learning more about Round Square – always fruitful and beneficial for everything that I’ve done.

As I always say, “opportunities are like a buffet, you have to decide what to put on your plate.”