Parent’s Association

Parents play a crucial role in the school and are therefore kept regularly up to date with their child’s progress in all aspects of their education from their academic subjects to peripatetic classes, sports and culture, and overall personal development.

Additionally, if you have a general concern to be conveyed to leadership, they can be contacted below, or by email to

They have also established a Parents’ WhatsApp group to share announcements. If you would like to be added to that WhatsApp group, please contact one of the leaders below: 

Executive Team
Parent of
Davinder Kumar AggarwalNavya Aggarwal RTC
Rupa Joshi (Dr.) Vedanshi Joshi Y12
Vendant Y2 MC
Yasir SumraReyah Sumra 3W
Evelyn ChijariraEden Chijarira Y11
Zoë Kimaro 1TC
Secondary Reps
Esther FultangAdrian Fultangyer 8S
Pascal CAPO-CHICHIJustino Curtis Year 12
Primary Main Campus Reps
Amy MagangaNyles Year 4 MC
Ellis Year 2.MC
Rommana PanjuDaniyal Panju Year 3W
Primary Town Campus Reps
Gillian HerryChloe-Zoe Nursery TC
Spencer 1E MC
Glen 5W
Lulu FoliLuna Folli RTC

PA meeting minutes can be read HERE

As a parent, you are encouraged to become involved in school activities and take part in events throughout the school year as and when you are free to do so.

St. Constantine’s International is eager to have parents involved in such activities as:

  • sports coaching
  • reading to younger children
  • supervising electives
  • as chaperones for school trips
  • assisting in the uniform shop

as well as involvement with:

  • events
  • cultural days
  • alumni database and events
  • advertising
  • fundraising
  • sponsorships