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SCIS Inclusion Statement

At St. Constantine’s International School (SCIS), we engage in Quality First Teaching (QFT). Which is about inclusivity and supporting all students’ learning. High-quality teaching is our first step in responding to students who have or may have special educational needs (SEN), a disability and other additional needs. This is because we acknowledge that additional interventions cannot compensate for a lack of good quality teaching as outlined in the SEND Code of Practice, 2015, section 6.19 and 6.37. We intend to meet the individual needs of the majority of our students through High-quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised despite any individual differences including race, ethnicity, faith, disability, gifts and talents, gender, language such as in English as an Additional Language, socioeconomic status or any students who are at risk of disaffection and exclusion. (DfES, 1997, p.44 and Polat, 2011; Equality Act 2010; SEND Code of Practice, 2015, p. 25 and 99)

St. Constantine’s International School’s SEND Information Report aligns seamlessly with the Tanzanian National Strategy for Inclusive Education, 2018, as outlined by THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in their publication from December 2017. The school’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of students, in accordance with the UK SEN Code of Practice 2015, for SCIS being a British School style in Tanzania, resonates with the inclusive education goals set forth in Tanzania’s national strategy. By implementing practices that prioritise individualised support and inclusion, SCIS contributes to the overarching objectives outlined in Tanzania’s strategic vision for inclusive education. This alignment reinforces the school’s dedication to fostering an inclusive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of all students. (National Strategy for Inclusive Education, section 5, p.7)

Link to our SCIS SEND and Learning Support Policy

Furthermore, at SCIS, we are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for all our students and to achieve this, we have a referral process, and we have implemented a tiered support system from Wave 1 to 3, designed to meet the specific needs of each student. Below is a link to our support overview .

Parents have the opportunity to meet with any member of the SEND / Learning Support department at all parents’ evenings. Parents can also contact Allan or Bankole, via the contact information below, to request an additional meeting or for more information.

Link to our referral process

Link to our support overview

Link: SCIS SEND Information Report


Mr Allan Muganda Primary SENDCo : allanmuganda@scis.sc.tz

Mr Bankole Sogelola Secondary SENDCo : bankolesogelola@scis.sc.tz