Author: Abraham Kasango

Sanaa na ufundi – Art and Craft Exhibition, New Zealand

The first St. Constantine International School art exhibition and craft sale outside of Tanzania,
will be held in the popular beachside city of Tauranga, New Zealand on August 28 – September 29, 202, to raise funds for our scholarship programme. The exhibition is to feature in The Incubator gallery and studios, which presents a vibrant exhibition programme profiling emerging and established artists that are both internationally and locally recognised.

A charitable trust, the Incubator is a vibrant and diverse destination where audience, creatives, community arts groups meet to practise, celebrate, showcase and experience art and culture.

 “We are a tangible example of the positive power that artists and art organisations can contribute to community connectedness, human well-being and belonging,” says Simone Anderson, Incubator Creative Hub Director. “We deliver an exhaustive program of events to empower artists and community to engage in cultural projects and activities. We champion the arts on and behalf of our arts community telling OUR stories through art.” see

Our VIP invitation only Launch event will be held the Evening of Friday 27 August 2021 with media in attendance and Members of Parliament including the Deputy Minister of Education, Minister for Women and Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hon Jan Tinetti.

Our students will create and/or donate a range of artworks for shipment to NZ agreeing these will be sold at the exhibition to raise funds for the A+ Dreams Trust International Foundation. Any artworks remaining will be sold at auction on the last day.

The artworks will include a range of mediums, sizes and limited only by NZ restrictions re customs and agriculture

In order to set the mood and Tanzanian atmosphere, students – with the help of music master Mr Kalule – have created a recording of a range of Tanzanian music which will be playing in the background of the exhibition, highlighted by the sounds and voices of East Africa.

Miss Annabel’s Year 6 class will create beautiful brochures promoting Tanzania, which will be printed in bulk for visitors to take home. The children wish to help their parents promote their country, now that Tanzania is open for business.

A Tanzanian market will also be established at the exhibition with crafts from Arusha being sold to supplement the fundraising efforts. Our students, through their Electives are negotiating and organising them all. Please contact: for further information.

Alumni reminder

“I would like to take this chance to remind ALL students who may be leaving in July that no matter what level they are at, or their reasons for leaving, they are always welcome back as one of our Alumnae. We encourage them to keep in touch with their peers and keep on our mailing list, so we can ensure they don’t miss an invitation to come back to visit and celebrate with us. Please email in our Marketing Department so we can ensure we get your details correct.”

Mr Yasir Patel, Headteacher.