St. Constantine International v Kennedy House Friendly Swim Gala

Notable performances included first Places for:

Mixed 12-13 200m Medley RelayLeticia (Yr7), Sam (Yr9), Emma (Yr8)
Mixed 10-11 200m Medley Relay Nansa (Yr7), Marcelina (Yr7) Owen (Year5) Elijah (Yr5)
8-9 25m Freestyle, 25m BackstrokeSamba (Yr5)
10-11 25m FreestyleDaniel (Yr6)
10-11 50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke Marcelina (Yr7)
7 & Under 25m ButterflyBelvin (Yr2)
10-11 25m Butterfly, 25m Backstroke, 100m Individual Medley Nansa (Yr7)
10-11 25m Butterfly, 50m BackstrokeElijah (Yr5
12-13 50m ButterflyEmma (Yr8)
12-13 50m Backstroke, 100m Individual MedleySam (Yr9)
8-9 25m BreaststrokeEthan (Yr5)
10-11 100m Freestyle RelayMarcelina, Leon, Daniel, Ethan
10-11 200m Freestyle RelayElijah, Owen, Armani, Nansa

Winners & placegetters in the 2021 maths competition

Year 7
1stSean SvendsenYear 720
2ndPranay ChandraYear 715
3rdMikaeel AllidinaYear 713
Year 8
1stKushaan RajaYear 820
2ndDaniel TindamanyireYear 820
3rdAdina OchiengYear 820
Year 9
1stVedanshi JoshiYear 920
2ndTarunisri BadireddyYear 920
3rdCollins KamauYear 920
3rdAbigail MinjaYear 920
Year 12
1stMalcolm KazimilYear 1220

Other Students who completed the 20 Games and secured a position worldwide are:

1Ryan TwerdyYear 8
2Alana NaraneYear 8
3Francois GodboutYear 8
4Nouriel KpaossouYear 9
5Fatma MrutuYear 9

Our Champion Postcard

We hosted a Zoom postcard by Year 10, which has had the honour of being chosen by Round Square to use as a case study in their resource section.

Our theme focused on Tourism in Tanzania and around the world. Prior to the call, participants were asked to research information about Tanzania and to upload a picture that represents what they consider to be the most important attraction for tourism in their own country, coming to the call ready to talk about the image they had shared. The programme also included a presentation from the Tanzanian National Park Authority – our Guest speaker was Allen Mnyemye – followed by baraza discussion.

21 schools participated, with 116 people from 10 different countries – Canada, Colombia, UK, Kenya, India, USA, Japan, Pakistan, Oman, and Qatar.

Led by Mrs Wint and Miss Lightness, the champions involved were Crista, Umekulzum, Eileen, Faraja, Fatema, Maryam, Sarah, Atupelye and Neema.