Sponsorships and fundraising


A gift in your will – or a bequest – is a chance to create a long-lasting gift that will continue to support St. Constantine International School.

Every bequest regardless of its size, makes a real difference to a needy student and ensures that St. Constantine International can look forward to a future as bright and exciting as its past. 

A bequest to St. Constantine International School will cost you nothing today, but will have an enduring impact on future generations of St. Constantine International students.

Bequests can be tagged with a specific purpose or be unrestricted to be used at the discretion of the St. Constantine International School Board.

Bequests do not have to be cash. They can also be in the form of gifts such as property, art collections, jewellery, stocks or shares. By including a gift in your will, you have the option of leaving a specific amount, an item or a percentage of your estate to St. Constantine International School.

Recognising Bequest Donors – A notified bequest may also qualify you for membership of the St. Constantine International School Foundation. 

By notifying us of your intent we can express our gratitude and discuss appropriate options for recognition if you do not request anonymity. The more we know about your wishes, the better we are able to honour your intentions in full when we receive your bequest.

As a member of this elite group, you will be invited to special events at the School – a way for us to

Making a bequest is straightforward. If this is something that you would like to consider then please contact us for a confidential, obligation free discussion. We also recommend that you discuss the options with your solicitor.

If you would like to discuss legacy planning with St. Constantine International School, please contact: Director of Administration: Ms Victoria Thomas –

We welcome new membership to the Foundation and will be keeping you in touch through regular communication, invitations to attend school events as well as annual updates from the Board and Head of School at our annual general meeting.  

Corporate sponsors

We would love to carry your name on our sports shirts, if you would sponsor them for us; our annual Yearbook requires sponsorship to cover printing and distribution costs; we need more books for our library and craft materials for our students; we need assistance in freighting our artworks to New Zealand for the exhibition … and more. Contact our Media and Marketing team for a discussion on how we can work together, ensuring you get exposure and our students can benefit from your generosity.

Art and Craft Exhibition, New Zealand

The first St. Constantine International School art exhibition and craft sale outside of Tanzania,
will be held in the popular beachside city of Tauranga, New Zealand on August 28 – September 29, 202, to raise funds for our scholarship programme. The exhibition is to feature in The Incubator gallery and studios, which presents a vibrant exhibition programme profiling emerging and established artists that are both internationally and locally recognised.

The individual cubicles of The Incubator Studios provide professional arts practitioners with a platform for a personal space to research and create their individual works in an inclusive, supportive and connected environment.

A charitable trust, the Incubator is a vibrant and diverse destination where audience, creatives, community arts groups meet to practise, celebrate, showcase and experience art and culture.
 “We are a tangible example of the positive power that artists and art organisations can contribute to community connectedness, human well-being and belonging,” says Simone Anderson, Incubator Creative Hub Director. “We deliver an exhaustive program of events to empower artists and community to engage in cultural projects and activities. We champion the arts on and behalf of our arts community telling OUR stories through art.” see

Our VIP invitation only Launch event will be held the Evening of Friday 27 August 2021 with media in attendance and Members of Parliament including the Deputy Minister of Education, Minister for Women and Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hon Jan Tinetti.

Our students will create and/or donate a range of artworks for shipment to NZ agreeing these will be sold at the exhibition to raise funds for the A+ Dreams Trust International Foundation. Any artworks remaining will be sold at auction on the last day.

  • The artworks will include a range of mediums, sizes and limited only by NZ restrictions re customs and agriculture
  • It is anticipated that all forms of art will be represented including photography, collage, jewelry art, (Shipment costs will restrict sculpture weight/size unless we achieve sponsorship) and it is intended that we can exhibit 100 pieces
  • On arrival, a range of works will be framed for best presentation, with the exhibition arranged in a series of stories highlighting both Tanzania and the students’ talents
  • Dance: Our students have choreographed and produced a video performing traditional dances of Tanzania, through to modern interpretation, which will be playing during the exhibition and performed by dancers live at the official opening
  • Music: In order to set the mood and Tanzanian atmosphere, students – with the help of music master Mr Kalule – have created a recording of a range of Tanzanian music which will be playing in the background of the exhibition. This includes modern rock and pop, reggae, blues and Hip Hop; as well as traditional music, the sounds of traditional instruments and the voices of East Africa
  • The recording will play for over two hours on a revolving circuit, with the music interspersed with children’s laughter, cheering on sports, a lion’s roar or an elephant trumpet, to break up the types of music
  • Brochures: As per lessons this year, Miss Annabel’s Year 6 class will create beautiful brochures promoting Tanzania, which will be printed in bulk for visitors to take home.

The children wish to help their parents promote their country, now that Tanzania is open for business

  • A full exhibition programme will also be printed as the artworks are numbered and displayed, along with the medium and artist  and year level
  • Our Tanzanian market: We need the help of our staff, parents and supporters, to bring crafts in for sale with the artwork during the exhibition. We are looking for the following donations: colourful kitenge fabrics or garments, pictures from the Maasai, Chuga and Tinga Tinga styles, Maasai jewelry, sandals, shukas and shawls,  laptop and tablet bags, children’s toys.

Our students, through their Electives are negotiating and organising them all.
Please contact: for further information

Uniform donation

As your child grows, or graduates, St. Constantine International would love you to please donate your good used uniforms to our shop for on-sale. Many parents are reluctant to pay full price for uniform if their child is going through a growth spurt, so a good second-hand uniform can be the answer. The monies raised from the sale of the second-hand uniforms will go towards the A+ Dreams Trust International Foundation for our less affluent but gifted students.


Make a donationin cash or kind and feature amongst promotion of all our new supporters for all to see, or remain anonymous, whichever you choose, knowing your gift directly impacts students through scholarships and facilities. Every gift, regardless of the amount, supports the important role the School plays in preparing students for their futures.

The A+ Dreams Trust International Foundation’s objective is to anticipate and provide for the funding needs of St. Constantine International School over and above what is provided by school fees, including assisting poorer students we have confidence will go on to make their mark in Tanzania and beyond.

It is our hope that the support of the community – past and current parents, Alumni and their families, and many others who appreciate the value of a St. Constantine International School education will help us boost this fund so that in turn we can reach our objective.

Membership of the Foundation comprises of four levels:

A Doctoral level sponsor – making a donation or pledge of US$75,000 or above

A Master sponsor – making a donation or pledge of US$35,000 to $74,900

A Bachelor sponsor – making a donation or pledge of US$ 16,000 to US$34,900

An Associate sponsor – making a donation or pledge of US$10,000 to US$15,990 

Any additional donations will go towards rising up in the sponsor recognition and title.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We encourage our community to support our sponsors, as they have supported our students.

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you further about joining us.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Foundation, contact:  Director of Administration: Ms Victoria Thomas –

For further information about our projects including scholarships, general, cultural and sporting funds available to support, contact our Media and Marketing Manager: See Sponsorships and Fundraising