SCIS & City of London Freemen’s Partnership


To give SCIS students the best university opportunities in line with their interests.


To develop Tanzania’s foremost University Preparation Centre, in partnership with City of London Freemen’s, to provide outstanding A Level teaching, leadership development and emotional intelligence skills to prepare students for entry into premium universities, especially in the UK and USA.

How does it benefit the students?

The opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives. An international experience Preparation to study and work anywhere in the world.

An enriched cultural experience. The importance of connecting and learning with students from different backgrounds/cultures/religions. An English language experience and be able to speak English at the highest level. Pathways to get on the road to success as a Doctor, an Engineer, an IT specialist, anything, by studying subjects which allow them to go deep into knowledge. The opportunity to enter any of the world’s great universities, including Oxford University, Cambridge University and Harvard University.

University advice from reputable and well connected advisers.  Membership of the City of London Freemen’s global Alumni network, providing career pathways and internship opportunities in the City of London. The very best of British education without having to leave home. Lessons taught by the best teachers in the UK. Discounted pricing for attending the Freemen’s Summer School programme.

A-Level Subjects
Premium A-Level Subjects
Online at SCIS
(City of London Freemen’s School)
ArtClassical Civilisation
BiologyDigital Design
Computer ScienceGlobal Perspectives
English LiteraturePhilosophy, Ethics and Religion
Further MathematicsPsychology
HistorySport Studies
PhysicsExtended Project Qualification (half an A-Level)

NB: An additional cost will be payable for premium subjects as shown below.

    Number of Premium A-Level SubjectsCost (USD) per year
    Three + EPQ5750
    Two + EPQ5750
    (no EPQ)
    (no EPQ, no university counselling)